Monroe Class Information and Locations

      The Healthy Aging Regional Collaborative currently offers the following evidence-based health promotion programs. Please select the one you would like to get more information about. After you read the description, if you would like to register for a workshop use the link at the end of the section to see a schedule of open classes.

      A Matter of Balance 
      Living Healthy with chronic conditions 

      A Matter of Balance
       is an award-winning time-tested program  designed to help you manage and prevent falls and increase your activity levels. In this classworkshop, you will learn to:

       View falls and fear of falls as controllable 
        Set realistic goals for increasing physical activity 
       Make changes to reduce falls at home 
       Exercise to increase strength and balance 

      Classes are two hours in length and are held twice a week for four weeks . A Matter of Balance workshops are held in all three counties in English and in Spanish in both Miami Dade and Broward.

      Living Healthy workshops are ideal for adults age 60 or older with an ongoing health condition, such as diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain or anxiety.  The workshops empower you to become more active in managing your health. In this class, you will learn to: 

       Set goals that feel right for you. 
        Find support and solutions to your health concerns. 
        Develop skills to deal with frustration, fatigue, pain and isolation. 
       Learn better ways to talk with your doctor and family about your health 

      Living Healthy workshops are offered in English in Monroe, Miami Dade and Broward Counties. Classes are 2 ½ hours in length and are held once a week for six weeks. Locations and schedules for Living Healthy workshops appear below. You are on your way to managing your condition and increasing your quality of life.   

      EnhanceFitness combines the three key components of fitness: strength training, flexibility and cardiovascular conditioning into fun filled workshops designed especially for older adults. Participants are sp so enthusiastic that 99.4 % say they would recommend this program to a friend---and they do.! EnhanceFitness workshops enable you to: 

        Train with light weights to build strength —a key element of our fitness         program 
        Increase your range of movement and help prevent a fall
        Experience improvements in walking and breathing

      EnhanceFitness workshops are ongoing. Participants are asked to commit to an intial 16 weeks but may continue to participate in the workshop indefinitely thereafter. At all times, you work at your own pace. Your instructor provides individual attention and demonstrates variations and modifications so you will enjoy a level that is a perfect fit for you. Ready to start?  Click here for locations and schedules. 

      Need a class near you?  Every effort is made to offer classes in convenient locations. If you would like to request a class in your area, please let us know.  If there are enough people interested, we will work on adding a class.  Click here to send a request our way